Stay organized so you can
focus on getting better.

Careplan is a web based application that helps you keep your health care information organized; including doctor visits, medications, and health care contact information.


Careplan is tool for patients with longer term illnesses like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc.

Stay organized so you
can focus on your health

Careplan makes dealing with your illness easier by helping you stay organized. Never forget a doctor visit, medication, or contact number again.

All your health care information in
one place - accessible anywhere

All of your information is stored in our database, available to you from any internet connected phone, tablet, or desktop computer.


Careplan is a web based app that helps you keep all of your health related information organized.

Easily schedule, record, and look up doctor visits - never forget a detail

Careplan’s doctor visit interface helps you keep track of doctor appointments from the moment they're scheduled, to taking notes during the doctor visit, and looking up important details at any later date.

Stay on top of your prescriptions

No matter how many prescriptions you have, or how often they change - Careplan provides a simple to use dashboard for keeping track of them. We provide printable daily, weekly, and monthly schedules to keep with your meds.

Keep your health care contacts seperate and organized

Put contact info of health care providers, doctor offices, hospitals, friends, family, etc - anyone related to your care - all in one place. You can access this info from any phone, tablet, or computer - anywhere.